I Had to Lose This Girl

I met this girl a couple of weeks ago and for a bit I really thought that she was going to be a viable girlfriend, but I guess that I care more about some things that I thought that I did. I am not really a very political person and when it comes to this subject I try really hard to mind my own business, because you have to get along with other people even if they did vote for a complete idiot. At any rate this girl was always in this site called Trumpnewsfeed.com and a lot of other sites, none of which were really balanced and fair. I could tolerate a lot of craziness from a girl that looks as good as she does, but this sort of thing really turns my freezer up for some reason. It was the stuff in Charlottesville that really bugs, mostly in the fact that we have a president that is capable of being such a tool about this stuff, but also in people that are willing to make allowances for it.

At any rate this girl got to talking about that stuff and I just got madder and madder as she did. It was incredibly annoying and worse, because it is like the girl never learned right from wrong. I guess she was getting the arguments from the right wing crazies that populate the dark, dank recesses of the web. None of them made a bit of sense. I told her that America became a great power by killing Nazis and I was not going to listen to anyone making excuses about that sort of thing. In fact all of the people who were at that rally espouse a philosophy which includes the destruction of the United States so that they can establish some sort of Fourth Reich.